We propose you medical call and surgeries with appointment. We take particular care to follow up on your pet’s care and provide the holistic advice you need to enable them live long, healthy and happy lives in your family.

Medical examination

By appointment we can provide your pet with a health check, vaccine boost, ongoing illness.  We can also treat accidents or emergencies during opening times. If you are short of time, you can drop-off in the morning and leave your pet for treatment and return in the afternoon to take him home. In every case a complete clinical examination will be performed.


We perform scheduled surgery in the morning on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Ask for pre-surgical requirements. Most standard surgical procedures can be completed in a day and your pet will be back home in the evening, depending which type of surgery that has been done. If requested we are happy give you news at the end of your pet’s surgery.

Chemist and Hygiene Products

We select all our medicine (usual or herbal), complementary, … for quality, efficacy and value, in order to meet your needs

Diet and Food

We are convinced of the importance of a good diet :”we are what we eat”. That is why we make a special point to recommend the appropriate high quality food for your pet.


Medical care is improving and a standard medical examination is not always enough to reach a full diagnosis.  That is why we invest regularly in the latest quality equipment to perform additional exanminations/tests to refine our diagnosis (Numeric and dental X-ray, echography, blood analysis, microscopy, endoscopy…).  It is also why we invest in continuing education for each member of the team.


Even if we spend time and money in continuing education, in exceptional circumstances when specialist expertise is required we can call on a broad network, network including help of colleagues; we work regularly with specialized team in Beaucouzé and sometimes in Nantes (Vetref and Atlantia)