Waiting room

While you wait in this room you can watch our TV information or browse through a selection of pet products including specialist food, hygiene and care goods. We propose you use this time to fill an information sheet  in order to help us understand your pet and his life, to prepare the medical examination and provide advice tailored to your needs.

Consultation room

This is fully equipped in order to complete advanced and comprehensive medical examination. We use a video-otoscope in order to perform the best examination possible.

Preparation room

Here we can perform, intensive care, perfusion, administer anesthetic procedure, tooth care, ear cleaning under video-endoscopy, blood analysis…

Surgery room

Equipped with a gas anesthesia, electric surgery and anesthesia monitoring, we perform all types of standard surgery.

X-ray room

here is the X-ray equipment used to perform standard X-ray examination but also, cystography, baryte gut exam… numerisationgives a high quality exam

Hospitalisation room

your pets will stay here during their treatment care and recovery