Do you prefer cats or dogs ?

Differences qualities we project onto our pets tend to fade.
If you want to host a party , you can still run the question set fire to the powder. Choice: ” Do you prefer the Beatles or the Rolling Stones ? “, ” The sea or the mountains? ” But especially ” Cats or dogs ? “. These alternatives drawing real divisions in humanity, they often spark heated debate between “pro- cat ” or ” pro- dogs” which, in reality , merely speak for themselves .

Some studies have also attached to show the differences between these divergent if animal lovers . Sam Gosling , a psychologist at the University of Texas , interviewed more than 4,500 people on the Internet around the questions ” Are you dog lover ? Cat ? both? “. It was thus established that the former were 15% more extroverted , 13% more conciliatory , 11% more organized and conscientious than the latter. Cat owners , themselves, were found to be 12% more neurotic and anxious (sic ), but 11% more original and open to the imagination, art, adventure clan opposite, decidedly more conventional.

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